Classic Clubs

After school clubs: 

A small group setting where children of similar age meet with a volunteer leader and participate in a variety of activities. Members participate in a fun and safe atmosphere while contributing community service, developing personal assets, and discovering the outdoors. The group levels are Little Stars (Preschool), Starflight (K-2nd grade), Adventure (3rd-5th), Discovery (6th-8th), and Horizon (9th-12th).

The Camp Fire Trails, or focus areas, are:

           image003 (2) Trail to the Environment – helps youth understand and appreciate the world of nature.

           image003 (2) Trail to Future – focuses on developing mental and physical skills that will help young people become successful adults.

            image003 (2)Trail to Knowing Me – helps children learn leadership, relationship and communication skills and focuses on increasing children’s self-knowledge.

            image003 (2)Trail to Creativity – Stimulates children’s creativity and imagination through activities that involve the arts.

            image003 (2)Trail to Family and Community – Strengthens each child’s place in the family and community and focuses on service-learning citizenship.

Youth help decide which trails they would like to follow in their club, and earn emblems and beads upon completion of trail activities. They also learn the value of ceremony and recognition as a way of reflecting upon their accomplishments.

To find the nearest club for your family contact us below or by calling 805-773-5126;

image003 (2)

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