What is Nature Deficit Disorder?

Camp Fire was founded during the Industrial Revolution when our founders realized that children were missing the benefits and connection with nature. Children were spending less time outdoors and more indoors or within the confines of city life. Doesn’t it sound like what many of our children are experiencing today? Studies are showing that children spend 40-65 hours using electronics and that children are experiencing less unstructured, creative play more than any time in human history.  Richard Louv coined the term naturedeficit disorder in his book;  Last Child in the Woods. Here is a brief video that defines the problems, the cause, consequences and benfits of outdoor play;

Nature Deficit Disorder Presentation

On February 17, Emily discussed nature opportunities for families with  Camp Fire Executive Director Ken Miles and Outside Now Executive Director Susan Pendergast on the Reluctant Therapist on KCBX.


Camp Fire offers two exceptional camping experiences for your children and family;

Our beloved Natoma

Our beloved Natoma

  • Camp Tacanneko: a week long, adult volunteer-led, traditional Day Camp experience for boys and girls leaving K-11th grade.
  • Camp Natoma: founded in 1941 is a rustic weekly residential summer camp located on 360 pristine acres of oak and sycamores in Paso Robles.

All Camp Fire camping and outdoor programs are designed so that children and youth become happier, healthier, more intelligent and well adjusted while becoming connected with nature. Camping registration for 2015 is now open.

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